Online support......what is it and what does it do?

The online support service we offer allows you to contact use via the internet to get technical support on any aspect of your PC experience. If it is just asking a question regarding how to set up your printer through to getting remote assistance in setting up your printer. Whether you want impartial advice on purchaseing a part or advice on how to fit it. Basicly, it is almost like haveing a technician there with you.

How does it work?

A virtual tunnel is created between the PC your working on and our technician. It is encrypted at 256bit AES security. Once the link has been created, a chat window will open ( if a technician is online) or a message window will open when there is no technician available.


Online Offline



If the technician is unavailable you will send him a message containing all the relevent details. A technician will then contact you back either by email or phone within our next working day.

If a tecnician is available, the chat window will open and you will be put in touch with the technician. If remote assistance is required, then the technician will send you a request to download a small script to your PC. This allows the remote access. From there we can assist you in doing software repairs, driver installs, run diagnostic's. This file deletes upon termination of the session, thus not allowing us access back to your PC until a session is re-established.

Upon termination of the session you will be given an option to have a transcript emailed to you for your future reference.

Who can use this service?

Home users or businesses* alike.

But I am behind a router and firewall. Do I need to know how to reconfigure my system to get the service?

No. This service is entirely internet based. It uses port 80, which is the same port that your web browser uses to access the internet. No specialist knowledge is required. If you know how to use a chat window ( i.e. msn messenger, yahoo, MIRC etc) then you will be able to converse with us. Our technician will then be able to help you through any other aspects if the service should the need arise.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

The burning question. At this time the service is in it's infantcy. The cost is £15 per session. We see no reason to alter this as yet but other price plan's will come into operation as the service matures. There will be options for multiple system coverage and pre paid options. Payment at this time is through Worldpay and a credit/ debit card will be required. Paypal is going to be introduced over the next few months and the service is going to be offered via ebay as well. When you are connected to an online technician you will be asked for your worldpay payment reference. Once payment has been confirmed ( may take a couple of minutes) assistance will start. In the case of a technician being offline please put the worldpay reference in with your message.

What happens if you cant resolve my problem or it is not completed within the paid session?

Non completetion is basicly categorized into 2 sections:-

  1. Hardware fault. This problem can not be fixed without a hands on approach. The technician will be able to give advice on how to rectify the problem, but PC First Aid Ltd takes no responsability to the user effecting their own repairs/ modifications. We also offer workshop facilites where our technicians will do repairs. We accept callers into the workshop or PC's/ Laptops can be sent in via courier/ post at the customer risk. We always advise to have adequate packing for your equipment and always take out insurance on it.
  2. Software fault. If the problem is software based and the technician requests that you do things that take time or requests you run the system for a length of time and call back is required a 2nd script will be sent to you. This script will have a limited life span and will allow you to access the service again bypassing the payment pages.

If the problem can not be resolved, then we will request the equipment is seen by us within the workshop. Our usual price of labour will be charged less the intitial payment made by the customer.

If I do not want to use this service, what then?

As desribed on our home page, we offer full workshop facilities and call out service. We also give advise over the phone. If you are not local to our workshop we are members of the PC Association and we can put you in touch with a member that is local to you. We have also become a member of Fixit local. You can call this number and will be put in touch directly with a local company to you. These companies may or may not offer the same services as us and are not affiliates of ours. They will abide by their own terms and conditions and not governed by PC First Aid Ltd.


If you need any further advise or have any questions, please contact us via email <Click Here>
or call 08448 111 113


*- Business users please note. Most companies have their own or employ an I.T. section for repairs. Please consult with the relevent I.T. advisor as to elegability to use this service.