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Our operators are currently:-

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Please read the following completely paying particular attention to the refund policy at the end of this page.
By proceeding to the payment page you agree to the following details.

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We are live for an Online Support Service.

Features include:-



  1. A connection to the internet. It does not matter if you are using a router or behind a firewall. A small safe script downloads to the users PC allowing a tunnel to be created between the user's PC and the support center. This script automatically deletes upon termination of the session. If an internet connection is not available or the problem is a hardware failure, telephone support is available.
  2. Credit Card or Paypal account to facilitate payment.
  3. That's it really.... :)


Being we are a local company, the Online support will primarily be run during our normal office hours.
However there will be occasions that our engineers might be logged on outside of these times. If there is no-one online at the time of your problem there is a message service where by you can leave details and one of
our engineers will contact you back via email or by phone if requested.

At this time we offer no support for Apple's or Linux based PC's/ Laptops

At this time we can only accept Sterling payments via World Pay. We want this service to be global, so if you
are outside of the UK then payment can only be made via PayPal.

Dependant on the option chosen for payment, the allotted time of online help will be assigned to you.


Prices & Payment Options:-

Payments are made through a secure server at WorldPay
We accept the following payment cards:-


Prices are set at £15.00 per session.
If the problem requires further assistance then you will be sent a referral script allowing connection to the support center.


Refund Policy.....Please read and fully understand the following before
committing to purchasing your technical support session....
Due to this service being an instant service that is effected straight away after payment is made, refunds will not be made.
If a fix is not effected to the customers complete satisfaction, the repair will be effected in our workshop under our normal pricing structure less the payment that you have made for the session. By proceeding to the payment page, you the customer agree to the refund policy. Please understand that this is nothing personal, just covering ourselves from unscrupulous customers having a repair done then claiming their payment back.